Digital Asset Management

Centralize all your digital marketing and sales media in one place. Share with your branch offices, dealer organization or external third parties. Store all your files and media such as photos and videos regardless of size, and finding them easily through tags, folders, notes, and even file contents.

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Create print-ready PDF files which follow your corporate identity. You can do this entirely by yourself in seconds using just your webbrowser. Personalize brochures, business cards, advertisements, flyers and posters with your own text and images.

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Corporate Identity Guidelines

Make sure the latest brandbook and brand guidelines are available for all employees, distributors and the press. Never fear that marketing and communication is off-brand.

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Alle Features



All digital assets are stored safely and secure in the cloud.


Store any kind of file and use a simple drag-and-drop to do so. PubliSphere is optimized for visual files like photos, presentations, videos.


Metadata is extracted automatically from your files and is instantly searchable.



Use folders, tags and categories to organize your files for easy access.


Search through gigabytes of data instantly to find exactly the image you need.


Archive old and obsolete photos so everybody will only use valid and up to date images.


With your organization

Allow colleagues to access all files they need in the shared enviroment.

Convert & Resize

Resize and convert images to a specific format. Convert high resolution CMYK photoshop files to weboptimized JPEG files for use in a sales presentation.


Send one or multiple files to anyone via email. There are no limits on the file size or number of files. Your recipients will receive a download link. You will be notified when your fileset is downloaded.


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